R&D Equipments

Innovative and advanced vacuum technologies to blaze a trail for the future. ULVAC has been providing all kinds of industries with vacuum technology based products and materials essential for them under the basic managerial philosophy of "aiming at contributing to the evolution of industries and sciences by using vacuum technologies and all peripheral technologies.

Infrared Gold Image Furnace / RTA System

Infrared Gold Image Furnace RHL-E/VHT/P series
Infrared Gold Image Furnaces are used in various fields for research and development or as production equipment.

Programmable Temperature Controller TPC-5000 series
This programmable temperature controller can support not only Infrared Gold Image Furnaces that require a fast response during high-speed heating , but also low-speed heating furnaces.

Variable Atmosphere Lamp Heating System RTP-6
This infrared lamp heating system with parabolic type reflectors can heat uniformly a wafer of the size up to 6 inches. 

Mini Lamp Annealer MILA-5050
This system is a Mini Lamp Annealer that enables the heat treatment up to 50mm square size samples

High Temperature Rapid Thermal Annealing System HT-RTA59HD
This desktop ultra-high temperature annealing system achieves high reflection efficiency by heating in a focused manner precious materials like SiC and other small materials with high melting points.

Simplified Infrared Lamp Heating System SSA series
A simplified system with an Infrared Gold Image Furnace and a quartz chamber.A low-cost heating system consist of an Infrared Gold Image Furnace and quartz chamber including a sample holder.


Infrared Gold Image Furnace Ps,Pss series
The flat plate reflected infrared heating furnace can be used for applications such as a 2-inch to 300 mm diameter wafer lamp annealing system or a production baking furnace.

Rapid Thermal Annealing System RTA Series
Infrared lamp heating is the method which can take advantage of its features of High energy density, Near infrared rays, High heat responsiveness, Temperature controllability, and Cold wall method.

Mini Lamp Annealer MILA-5000 series
Perfect for research and development on small samples.Capable of high-speed heating, high-speed cooling, and clean heating.

Mini Lamp Annealer MILA-700AR series
A desktop lamp heating device that does not use cooling water. As the air cooling fan is used, the device can be used immediately if there is an outlet.

Infrared Lamp Heating System QHC / VHC series
Combining an Infrared Gold Image Furnace and temperature controller, the QHC/VHC series is a compact high speed heating/ cooling system equipped with a quartz heat treatment chamber.

Spot Focused Infrared Gold Image Furnace System MIRO series
A compact spot focused Infrared Gold Image Furnace capable of heating up to 1800 °C. This furnace can be used for zone melting and basic SiC power device experiments.

Thermoelectric Testers

Seebeck Coefficient / Electric Resistance Measurement System ZEM-3 series
A low-cost heating system consist of an Infrared Gold Image Furnace and quartz chamber including a sample holder.

Polymeric Thermoelectric Sheet Evaluation System ZEM-D Series
This system can measure Seebeck coefficient and electrical resistivity in the thickness direction and also evaluate the thermoelectric properties on anisotropic materials at the same measurement direction.

Scanning Thermal Probe Micro-image STPM-1000
Simple evaluation of thermoelectric materials is possible by simultaneous evaluations of seebeck coefficient and thermal conductivity. 

Power Generation Efficiency Characteristics Evaluation System PEM-2
Property evaluations of thermoelectric generator modules By applying a maximum 500℃ temperature difference across a thermoelectric generator module.

Laser Flash Method Thermal Constant Measurement System TC-1200RH/TC-9000 series
The systems measure 3 thermal constants  for uniform solid materials such as thermoelectric materials, ceramics, carbon, Metal, etc.

Seebeck Coefficient / Electric Resistance Measurement System ZEM-5 series
A series corresponding to special specifications for the properties of various thermoelectric materials and thin films

Thermoelectric Conversion Efficiency Evaluation System for Small Modules Mini-PEM
Measure thermoelectric conversion efficiency for thermoelectric material alone and a pair of thermoelectric material

AC Method Thermal Diffusivity Measurement System LaserPIT
This system can measure thermal diffusivity of sheet materials in-plane direction by scanning laser heating AC method.


2-Omega Method Nano Thin Film Thermal Conductivity Meter TCN-2ω
Thermal conductivity evaluation for a nano thin film at normal direction. TCN-2ω is the world's only system which can measure thermal conductivity for a nano thin film at normal direction.

X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy / XPS

PHI Quantes
Pioneer into a new area with an XPS equipped with both hard X-ray & conventional soft X-ray source.

PHI X-tool
This high performance scanning XPS instrument comes with a low price yet makes measurements for all types of applications and features easy, intuitive operation.

PHI 5000 VersaProbe III
Multi-technique scanning XPS microprobe that provides the highest performance spectroscopy with a sophisticated equipment design.

PHI Quantera II™
The world's highest performance XPS microprobe that provides automated micro-area spectroscopy.

Auger Electron Spectroscopy / AES,SAM

PHI 710
The only scanning Auger nano probe in the world that guarantees a field emission electron source whose spatial resolution is 8 nm or less.

PHI 4700 Thin Film Analyzer™
The analyzer employs a high sensitivity energy analyzer having the world's best Auger sensitivity of 1.6 Mcps (10 nA for current value).

Time-of-Flight SIMS / TOF-SIMS

This new TOF-SIMS instrument has the added flexibility needed to support diversified analysis application and also provides automated measurement from sample loading through to measurement.

Dynamic SIMS / D-SIMS

ADEPT-1010 is a perfect choice for analyzing shallow implanted dopants in semiconductors and other materials as well as analyzing thin films and multilayer films.

Continuous Annealing System for Steel Sheet CAS series

CAS series
The CAS series achieves high-speed heating and cooling with the use of an Infrared Gold Image Furnace, direct temperature control of the samples, and easy atmosphere production.

ARC Plasma Deposition

Arc-Plasma Deposition APD series
This is the only vacuum deposition system capable of creating nanoparticles and nano thin film with new specific capacities by generating metal ions through pulse arc discharge.

Vacuum Pumping System

High Vacuum Pumping Systems  VPC Series
Small-sized high-vacuum low cost exhaust equipment that must be stored compactly, such as oil diffusion pumps, oil rotary vacuum pumps, valve piping, electrical systems and pressure measurement ports in pipe frames. Ideal for experiments requiring easy handling and maintenance.

Vacuum Coater DEPOX Series
Small-sized high-vacuum low cost exhaust equipment that must be stored compactly, such as main pumps, backing pumps, valve piping, electrical systems and pressure measurement ports in stands. 

Equipment for MBE

Water-Cooling MBE

Water-Cooling MBE

Other Equipments

Precise Microplate Paddle Mixer MICROPADDLE
Precise microplate paddle mixer "MICROPADDLE" enables direct mixing for 96 well microplate, features high precision and accuracy, wide rotation speed setting and independent rotation control for each column, promise your laboratory works more comfortable and efficiency.

Packaging Leak Test PLT Series
Vacuum Packaging Leak Test(PLT) is used in food industry, beverage, pharmaceuticals, personal care etc. By vacuum pump, PLT’s negative pressure is generated to test the
hermetic sealing quality and performance of packaging bags, bottles and can etc.

QCM Based Molecular Interaction Analyzer
AFFINIX Series can analyze molecular association, dissociation, polymerization and decomposition, in label-free and real-time manner, by measuring resonant frequency change of a crystal oscillator. 

Gravite  Clinostat

Regenerative medicine,Space Biology,Drug discovery,etc.