ULVAC is a world leader in Vacuum euipment and vacuum component used in the semiconductors,electronic devices,automotive parts. Which more than 15 Years experience in Vacuum Technology business in THAILAND and more than 69 years around the world.

Our Business

ULVAC, as a general manufacturer of vacuum equipment, also focuses energy on the development of components in order to offer a wide-range component lineup. ULVAC delivers all types of products ranging from components such as vacuum valves, flanges, and terminals, to vacuum pumps and measurement and analysis equipment.

Vacuum Equipment

ULVAC’s base technology with vacuum technology at its core and related peripheral technologies have been combined through many years of R&D and improvements in manufacturing technology, enabling us now to deliver a very wide range of industrial manufacturing equipment for semiconductors, electronic parts, FPD, solar cells, and others.


Automatic Helium Leak Testing System

Vacuum Furnace System


Vacuum Evaporation System

Vacuum Cooling System

Refrigerant Charging Machine

Vacuum Dehydration Furnace System

Our support

     Our customer support division consists of trained engineers/technicians capable of providing a full service for many kinds of vacuum equipments and vacuum systems including annual overhaul, maintenance, repair and refurbishment services.
     Our engineers are fully trained to carry out servicing and repairs for all types of vacuum pumps. We can service not only ULVAC pumps but also pumps by other manufacturers.

ULVAC offers complete installation service. 
We are able to install many kinds of
vacuum systems such as Sputtering, evaporator,
leak test systems and so on. We provide a complete
installation service, including system  control
and training course for customer’s staffs.

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In ULVAC, we provide Part Cleaning and Target Bonding services for a wide range of vacuum equipment and systems. ULVAC Thailand has collaboration with ULVAC Materials,Inc.
to provide sputtering targets to meet each individual customer’s requirements.In addition, ULVAC provides surface treatment onto the shields surface to increase product life expectancy and 
particle reduction. Sampling evaluation is also available upon request.


Technical Journal : Industrial Furnaces for Magnets for Vehicle Motors

Industrial Furnaces for Magnets for Vehicle Motors Magnets are produced by means of many processes, such as the alloy production process, hydrogen embrittlement process, sintering process, and grain boundary diffusion process. To produce the highperformance magnets required for use in vehicle motors, ULVAC provides an appropriate furnace for each process. The “Magcaster-600” is a melting […]

Promotion November

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CSR 2017 @ Anubanwiharndaeng School

     It is the first time that CSR activities for society was undertaken by ULVAC (THAILAND) LTD. held in 2017.    By having this, our company has seen the importance of education and sport; thereby, scholarships and sport facilities are distributed to the students with good grades but have difficulties on their family issue.  […]