Vacuum Gauge

Vacuum Gauge

The G-TRAN Series consists of the following 3 basic units; (1) An integrated sensor head with an electronics circuit; (2) a separate sensor head with electronics circuit; or (3) a box unit. Each configuration can be determined based on customer application.
ULVAC provides international Quality and Ability of JCSS calibration service for all the vacuum gauge not only our product but also other brands.

Transducer Type G-Tran Series


G-TRAN Series Multi Ionization Gauge

Atmospheric Pirani Vacuum Gauge


Pirani Gauge Measuring Units SC1

vacuum gauge

G-TRAN Series SAU Pressure Switch Unit


Ceramic Capacitance Manometer 


Vacuum Gauge G-Tran Series


G-Tran Series 1CH Display Unit ISG1

G-TRAN Series Multi Ionization Gauge SH2-1_SH2-2

Vacuum Gauge G-Tran Series SH2-1/SH2-2

G-Tran Series Cold Cathode Gauge Measuring Units SC1

Cold Cathode Gauge Measuring Unit