Abnormal Discharge Prevention Unit A2K Series

In the reactive sputtering processes, the A2K series abnormal discharge prevention unit applies positive voltage pulses to a DC power generator to neutralize the charge on the target.This unit can be easily mounted to existing equipment, and it achieves improvements in yield ratio and throughput at low cost.


  • High throughput

    Makes high power input possible by reducing abnormal

  • Reduces substrate damage

    Capable of reducing substrate damage caused by arcs

  • Inhibits substrate temperature

    Capable of inhibiting substrate temperature compared to RF sputtering

  • Simple connectivity

    Can be easily connected to existing equipment *1

  • Variable inversion pulse frequency

    Possible range: A2KH-25/50:1kHz to 20kHz, A2K-20K/40K:1kHz to 50kHz

  • Pulse synchronization system

    Output pulses for multiple A2K units can be synchronized *2 *3

  • Capable of large capacities through master/slave connections

    Up to six A2K-20K/40K units can operate in parallel

Application: Pulse synchronization system


When cathodes are close in the same chamber and they are opposite of each other or when there is interference in the discharge of multiple A2K units, the A2K inversion pulse can be set to in-phase or reverse phase by using the phase control function to prevent discharge interference. *3 *4

*1:Can be connected to ULVAC DC power supplies
*2:Pulse synchronization and parallel operation is not possible when using mixed A2KH-25,50 and A2K-20K, 40K units
*3:The A2KH-25/50 requires an external synchronization unit (PHSM/PHSS)
*4:The A2K-20K/40K is only capable of in-phase phase control


  • Reactive sputtering equipment for FPD

  • Reactive sputtering equipment for industrial coating

  • Reactive sputtering equipment for color TFT


Control power inputInputAC90 to 110VAC100 to 240V
FrequencySingle phase 50/60Hz
Leak current1mA or less
Input specificationoperating voltage-100 to -800V
operating current0 to 25A0 to 50A0 to 50A0 to 100A
Input structureConnector connectionTerminal block or connector connectionConnector connection
Output specificationPulse range5μs/10μs ( Internal switch switching )1 to 18μs (There is a frequency limitation)
Oscillating frequency・Pulse range 5μs:
・Pulse range 10μs:
1 to 50KHz
Variable in 1KHz increments
Inversion pulse voltage10 to 20% of the DC power generator output voltages. ( It depends on a load impedance )
Withstand voltagecontinuous operation-1500Vdc
Parallel operationNothingUp to 6units can be controlled *5
Cooling methodForced air-cooling
Applicable standardRoHs

Ambient operating temperature 5℃ to 40℃ (no condensation)
Operating environment: Avoid direct sunlight, heat, dust, vibration, and without corrosive gas.
*5: A2K-20K and A2K-40K cannot be used together.