Process Gas Monitor

“Qulee” is ULVAC’s latest model for residual gas analysis and monitoring. The ULVAC Qulee achieves highly accurate measurements with high resolution even at a high pressure (1Pa) order the simple (easy) to use Qulee today.

Sputtering Process CGM2 Series

CGM2-051/052 Series 

CGM2-101/102 Series

Basic Process BGM2 Series

BGM2-101/102 Series

BGM2-201/202 Series

High Preformance Process HGM2 Series



High Pressure Process YTP-H Series (for Vacuum)

YTP-H Series (for vacuum)

Atmospheric Pressure Environmental Process YTP-H Series (for Atmospheric Pressure)

 YTP-H Series (for Atmospheric Pressure)

CVD / ALD / Etching Process RGM2 Series