Innovative and advanced vacuum technologies to blaze a trail for the future. ULVAC has been providing all kinds of industries with vacuum technology based products and materials essential for them under the basic managerial philosophy of “aiming at contributing to the evolution of industries and sciences by using vacuum technologies and all peripheral technologies.

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Polymeric Thermoelectric Sheet Evaluation System ZEM-D Series
This system can measure Seebeck coefficient and electrical resistivity in the thickness direction and also evaluate the thermoelectric properties on anisotropic materials at the same measurement direction.

Seebeck Coefficient / Electric Resistance Measurement System ZEM-5 series
A series corresponding to special specifications for the properties of various thermoelectric materials and thin films

Power Generation Efficiency Characteristics Evaluation System PEM-2
Property evaluations of thermoelectric generator modules By applying a maximum 500℃ temperature difference across a thermoelectric generator module.

Seebeck Coefficient / Electric Resistance Measurement System ZEM-3 series
A low-cost heating system consist of an Infrared Gold Image Furnace and quartz chamber including a sample holder.

Thermoelectric Conversion Efficiency Evaluation System for Small Modules Mini-PEM
Measure thermoelectric conversion efficiency for thermoelectric material alone and a pair of thermoelectric material

Atmospheric Thermoelectric Module Evaluation System F-PEM
The system can evaluate the power generation and heat flow that can be gathered when the temperature difference is given to thermoelectric module in the environment(in atmosphere and under load) .

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Infrared Gold Image Furnace RHL-E/VHT/P series
Infrared Gold Image Furnaces are used in various fields for research and development or as production equipment.

Programmable Temperature Controller TPC-5000 series
This programmable temperature controller can support not only Infrared Gold Image Furnaces that require a fast response during high-speed heating , but also low-speed heating furnaces.

Variable Atmosphere Lamp Heating System RTP-6
This infrared lamp heating system with parabolic type reflectors can heat uniformly a wafer of the size up to 6 inches. 

Mini Lamp Annealer MILA-5050
This system is a Mini Lamp Annealer that enables the heat treatment up to 50mm square size samples

High Temperature Rapid Thermal Annealing System HT-RTA59HD
This desktop ultra-high temperature annealing system achieves high reflection efficiency by heating in a focused manner precious materials like SiC and other small materials with high melting points.

Simplified Infrared Lamp Heating System SSA series
A simplified system with an Infrared Gold Image Furnace and a quartz chamber.A low-cost heating system consist of an Infrared Gold Image Furnace and quartz chamber including a sample holder.

Rapid Heating / Water Quenching System CAS-MR59AQ series
Rapid heating and quenching of materials.This system is capable of water quench after heating. The maximum temperature is 1800℃ under various atmospheres.


Infrared Gold Image Furnace Ps,Pss series
The flat plate reflected infrared heating furnace can be used for applications such as a 2-inch to 300 mm diameter wafer lamp annealing system or a production baking furnace.

Rapid Thermal Annealing System RTA Series
Infrared lamp heating is the method which can take advantage of its features of High energy density, Near infrared rays, High heat responsiveness, Temperature controllability, and Cold wall method.

Mini Lamp Annealer MILA-5000 series
Perfect for research and development on small samples.Capable of high-speed heating, high-speed cooling, and clean heating.font-size: 12px;

Mini Lamp Annealer MILA-700AR series
A desktop lamp heating device that does not use cooling water. As the air cooling fan is used, the device can be used immediately if there is an outlet.

Infrared Lamp Heating System QHC / VHC series
Combining an Infrared Gold Image Furnace and temperature controller, the QHC/VHC series is a compact high speed heating/ cooling system equipped with a quartz heat treatment chamber.

Spot Focused Infrared Gold Image Furnace System MIRO series
A compact spot focused Infrared Gold Image Furnace capable of heating up to 1800 °C. This furnace can be used for zone melting and basic SiC power device experiments.

Production Heat Treatment Furnace (Manufacturing Line Equipment)
Heationg system according to heat treatment objective.This heating system is desiged based on the shape of the material and the heat treatment objective in the process.


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Scanning Thermal Probe Micro-image STPM-1000
Simple evaluation of thermoelectric materials is possible by simultaneous evaluations of seebeck coefficient and thermal conductivity. 

Laser Flash Method Thermal Constant Measurement System TC-1200RH/TC-9000 series
The systems measure 3 thermal constants  for uniform solid materials such as thermoelectric materials, ceramics, carbon, Metal, etc.

Thermal Diffusivity measurement system by Xe flash method series TD-1 Series
The systems measure 3 thermal constants  for uniform solid materials such as thermoelectric materials, ceramics, carbon, Metal, etc.

AC Method Thermal Diffusivity Measurement System LaserPIT
This system can measure thermal diffusivity of sheet materials in-plane direction by scanning laser heating AC method.

2-Omega Method Nano Thin Film Thermal Conductivity Meter TCN-2ω
Thermal conductivity evaluation for a nano thin film at normal direction. TCN-2ω is the world’s only system which can measure thermal conductivity for a nano thin film at normal direction.

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Periodical Heating Method Thermal Diffusivity Measurement System FTC Series
This system measures thermal diffusivity in the thickness direction of solids such as film polymers, paper, and ceramics by using the AC joule heating method.

Rapid Multi Property Measurement System RMP-1 Series
Heating up to 3000K within one second! This system measures thermophysical properties by applying current directly to a sample to heat up to higher temperature within one second. 

Electric Resistance Measurement System for Metals and Semiconductors TER Series
Metallic phase transition, aging, recrystallization reaction.This system can measure precisely the electric resistance of metallic alloys and semiconductors with DC four-thermal method.

Steady Method Thermal Conductivity Measurement System GH Series
hermal conductivity evaluations of polymers and glass.A heat-flow method Steady Method Thermal Conductivity Measurement System that complies with the US ASTM E1530 stand

Electric Heat Resistance Measurment System EHR Series
Temperature dependency measurement of insulator samples.This system can measure the temperature dependency of insulators like ceramics, plastics and glass.

Adiabatic Specific Heat Measurement System SH-3000 Series
Measures specific heat capacity, latent heat, transformation points.Capable of precisely measuring specific heat capacity, latent heat, and transformation points with the adiabatic control method.

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Thermodilatometer DL-9000/DLY-9000  Series
Dedicated thermal expansion measurement system for bulk materials.Dedicated linear expansion and contraction measurement system for various solid samples

Thermal Expansion Measurment System by Laser Interferometer LIX-2  Series
Dedicated thermal expansion measurement system for bulk materials
Dedicated linear expansion and contraction measurement system for various solid samples

Thermogravimetry / Differential Thermal Analyzer TGD-9000 Series
The TGD-9000 series is capable of performing TG/DTA measurements in a wide range of temperatures from room temperature to ultra-high temperature regions.

Robotic Thermal Dilatometer DLY-9000-Robot Series
Labour-saving quality management with fully automatic and unattended operationuality control.

Thermomechanical Analyzer TM-9000  Series
Capable of viscoelasticity measurements in various atmospheres.Measures the thermal expansion and contraction of solid samples.
Capable of stress relaxation measurements..

Differential Scanning Calorimeter DSC-R Series
A high-sensitivity sensor is standard equipment on all models
Achieves a high-stability baseline through its precise thermal design.

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CAS Series
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Arc Plasma Deposition
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VPC Series
DEPOX Series
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Micro Paddle
Microbial Activity
Gravite Control Device