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Compact PSC 

An integrated programmable servo controller, combined with PSC7000 functions and capabilities of efficient serial communication with other
REJ inverter units.


Programmable Servo Controller
Quick response and high resolution with 32-bit DSP

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VZ7000 Digital AC Servo Drivers

VZ7000 Digital AC Servo Drive is a sophisticated servo drive based on the experience and know-how obtained from VZ3000 / BL3000 series. Especially in the field of servo control and multiaxes synchronous applications, REJ can provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Drive MuLti 

REJ developed a sophisticated drive unit by combining the control inverter performance and high line drive application technology. Drive MuLti enables distributed control of the system by providing control loop for line drive application.

VZ7000 Digital DC Servo Drive

VZ7000 DC Motor is an integrated digital DC motor controller introducing the advanced power module technology. While many manufacturers have discontinued manufacturing DC motors, REJ provides VZ7000 DC solutions for DC power supply.

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Coverters SS4000

SS4000 Active Front End (AFE), a regenerative converter with sinusoidal PWM signal generation techniques, energy saving and cost effective.


The ForceSTAnd can provide a solution tailored to meet your specific needs when combined with VZ7000 and Drive MuLti through common bus.

VZ7000 Converters

VZ7000 is suitable for the system application that is configured as single converter can be connected to two or more inverters through the common bus.

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REJ provides a wide variety of AC motors and BL motors that can be combined with VZ7000 and Drive MuLti series.

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MSC 9000

MSC9000 is an intelligent inspection system that enhances overall quality, control and productivity of the defect detection process. Integrated with a line sensor camera and lighting instrument, MSC9000 quickly processes image data sent from the sensor camera and detects surface defects on materials.