Field Service Support for Equipment

ULVAC Field Service Support for Equipment, bringing together the wisdom of the group.
We provide a full spectrum of customer support, ranging from introduction and operation of equipment,
field support, evaluation and analysis, supply of materials and parts, to maintenance of vacuum pumps
and other products, on a global basis as part of our efforts to ensure customer satisfaction after they
purchase equipment.In order to make sure that we can meet increasingly diverse and sophisticated
demands in the future, we are further exploring invaluable services by bringing together the wisdom
of our group companies, including the original technologies and service knowhow that they have
developed through their own efforts, so as to support customers to enable them to achieve satisfaction
in their production activities. 




1.  System Design & Modification

  • System Design Service
  • System Modification Service
  • Vacuum Technology Consult

2. On-Site Service Support

  • On-Site Machine Overhaul , repair service
  • Machine Relocation , remodelling, relocation,
    disposal to overall maintenance.
  • Preventive maintenance.
  • In-House Vacuum Technology Training.

3.  Parts Service

  • Vacuum Machine spare part planning
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