ULVAC Thailand No.1 brand of vacuum technology in TCLM until FY2020 Liquid N2 generator make it possible to generate LN2 by giving electricity, cooling water in connection with GN2. The generated LN2 could be stored in the builtin tank, and could be taken to use anytime. Refrigerant Charging Vacuum gauge Helium Leak Detector

ULVAC seeks to make significant contributions to the development
of industry and science by leveraging its vacuum technologies
and related know-how in a comprehensive manner.

To accomplish this, ULVAC and ULVAC Group companies are
fully utilizing their unique technologies to promote
ULVAC SOLUTIONS while making great
achievements in a variety of industrial sectors.


Continuing to Contribute to the evolution of
industries and sciences by using Vacuum Technologies.

  Infinite possibilities were opened up to humans when they gained access to
a “Microcosm” called “vacuum”.Since its inception,ULVAC has always been
pursing the infinite possibilities of vacuum, exploring technologies to manipulate
vacuum at will, and rising up to the challenge of creating new value in response
to the needs of the times.
  The Vacuum Technologies that we have created over the past 60 years have
been applied to a wide range of area, including semiconductors, electronic
devices, flat-screen TVs, solar cells, automobiles, pharmaceuticals,
and food product. And They have become basic technologies essential for
the evolution of significant number of  industries and scientific disciplines.
  Recent years have seen rapid technological innovations, resulting in an
accelerated expansion of field to which ULVAC products and technologies
can contribute. We are continuing to create new value in response to the
need of the times and support the evolution and growth of industries
and sciences in the future.