Helium Leak Detector (HELIOT 900 series)


The HELIOT900 is our helium leak detector with; high speed pumping capability, user-friendly operation and guaranteed top performance in
all kinds of leak testing situations.


  • High speed pumping capability: 5L/s pumping speed for helium
    IN ULTRA flow mode.
  • Tablet type controller: Wireless remote control is standard specification.
  • Intuitive operation: Simple with high-definition and eye-friendly test screen.
  • Various backing pumps available: Oil rotary vane and dry scroll pumps in different sizes.
  • Mobile-friendly with maneuverable cart (HELIOT904_):
    Low height type is also available (HELIOT901_).
  • Ease of maintenance: Tool-free removal maintenance panel, easy internal
    access for maintenance and maintenance instructions built in.
  • Possible to detect hydrogen as well as helium gas by vacuum method.


  • Piping assemblies and separate parts.
  • Vacuum components and systems.
  • Automotive parts, air conditioning, heat exchanger parts and assemblies.
  • Packaging for food, pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • Flow and permeation rate measurement of helium and hydrogen.[/su_spoiler]


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