Sputtering System

ULVAC’s sputtering systems have the best track record in the industry.

Holizontal In-line Type Sputtering System SCH Series

The SCH Series are horizontal in-line sputtering systems for
deposition of transparent conductive films and other metal films.
They can be used to deposition films such as back contact
and barrier layers in solar cell production lines.

Multi Chamber Type Equipment ENTRONTM N300

ENTRON N300 is the cluster type deposition system which equipped
the process technology of next generation semiconductor.
It offers the critical process of the next-generation semiconductor,
such as “Cu Barrier Seed PVD for TSV”, “Aluminum Emitter Wiring PVD for
Large Diameter Substrate Power Devices”, and “Aluminum Re-Distribution
Layer PVD and Under Bump Metal PVD for High-Density Packaging”.
Furthermore, all user will satisfied by the most environmentally-friendly concept as an
aggregate of energy-saving technologies in ENTRON-series. 

Sputteing System for Optical Filters and Coating ULDiS Series

The ULDiS series is the digital sputtering system that has enhanced
the Meta Mode and realized the high-quality optical filters and coatings.

Batch-type Sputtering System

Batch-type Sputtering System SX series is for batch type sputtering system
for research & development and small production application.

Backside Metalization Sputtering System

SRH Series is production system for deposition of metallic films for power device,
WL-CSP, or UBM or similar application.

In-line Sputtering Systems STD Series

SPW Series is a equipment that can be sputtered optical thin film
and metal etc multilayer film on plastic film.Gas separation chamber
for batch processing of high-function multilayer films.

Single-substrate Sputtering Systems SMD Series / SMD-X Series

The SMD Series are single-substrate sputtering systems for deposition
of films such as metal films and ITO films. ULVAC has delivered a
large number of these systems, for use in a wide range of
production environments. ULVAC responds rapidly to
feedback from production sites to improve the reliability of these models.

Ultra-High Vacuum Sputtering System for R&D MPS Series
The use of long throw sputtering enables better film thickness uniformity,
and the diagonal incidence configuration is ideal for co-sputter and multilayer films.
Compact Sputter for Research & Development CS-L

It is possible to arrange for various module conbination;
Atmospheric cassette, Single piece, Atmospheric transfer,
Vacuum transfer. Compact design integrated with control unit.
Compact Sputter ACS-4000
Compact sputtering system is available for research and development of
multi layer thin film, compound materials or other devices,
using automatic process operation by PC.
Also more large size substrate (4 inch dia.) than ever system is available.

Multi-chamber Sputtering System MLXTM-3000N

MLXTM-3000N meets customer’s complicated requests by superior process
flexibility and controllability, and excellent cost performance.
Multi-chamber Sputtering System ENTRONTM-EX2 W300
Multi-chamber Sputtering System ENTRONTM-EX2 W300 is the latest platform
possible to combine the various process.

Load-lock type Sputtering System SPH Series
Load-lock sputtering system suitable to fully automated production line for
small size parts such as automotive mirrors and plastic moldings.
Lineups are SPH-320/320M for 2 stage processing and SPH340M for 4 stage processing.
Batch-type Sputtering Systems SV Series

Vertical batch-type sputter systems. Series models include the SV-200 disk stamper model,
and carousel types for large-volume substrate processing.

Load-lock type Sputtering System CS-200
Load-lock type Sputtering System CS 200 is for research & development
and small production application.

Cluster-type Sputtering System SME-200E

SME-200E is cluster type Sputtering system for research and
development and production purpose.
Magnetic Multilayer Cluster Tool MagestTM S200

MagestTM S200 provides the multi-layer deposition of ultra thin films
under the ultra high vacuum condition and is applicable for the deposition
of various materials by RF or DC sputtering.

Sputtering and Polymerization Sytem SPP Series

The new developed sputtering and polymerization system integrated with
injection molding system SPP-SERIESenables fully automatic formation
of metallic and protective films on resin substrates used in the
automobile and decoration industries.