REJ provides a wide variety of AC motors and BL motors that can be combined with VZ7000 and Drive MuLti series. For details, contact our Sales Div.

BL MOTOR(1500min-1) 0.75kW 8P 1500min-1
1.0kW 8P 1500min-1
1.65kW 8P 1500min-1
2.0kW 8P 1500min-1
2.5kW 8P 1500min-1
3.0kW 8P 1500min-1
4.5kW 8P 1500min-1
5.5kW 8P 1500min-1
7.5kW 8P 1500min-1
11.0kW 8P 1500min-1
15kW 10P 1500min-1
22kW 10P 1500min-1
37kW 12P 1500min-1
BL MOTOR(1000min-1) 37kW 12P 1000min-1
55kW 14P 1000min-1
75kW 18P 1000min-1
110kW 18P 1000min-1
150kW 14P 1000min-1
220kW 14P 1000min-1
BL MOTOR(500min-1) 37kW 18P 500min-1
55kW 18P 500min-1
75kW 14P 500min-1
110kW 14P 500min-1
150kW 14P 500min-1
220kW 16P 500min-1
370kW 18P 500min-1
AC VECTOR SERVO MOTOR(500min-1) 22kw 6P /500min-1
37kw 6P /500min-1
55kw 6P /500min-1
75kw 6P /500min-1
110kw 6P /500min-1
150kw 6P /500min-1
220kw 6P /500min-1
AC VECTOR SERVO MOTOR(1000min-1) 22kw 6P /1000min-1
30kw 6P /1000min-1
37kw 6P /1000min-1
55kw 6P /1000min-1
75kw 6P /1000min-1
110kw 6P /1000min-1
150kw 6P /1000min-1
AC VECTOR MOTOR(1500min-1) 0.75KW 4P 1500/3600min-1
1.5KW 4P 1500/3600min-1
2.2KW 4P 1500/3600min-1
3.7KW 4P 1500/3600min-1
5.5KW 4P 1500/3600min-1
7.5KW 4P 1500/3600min-1
11KW 4P 1500/3600min-1
15KW 4P 1500/3600min-1
18.5KW 4P 1500/3600min-1
22KW 4P 1500/3600min-1
30KW 4P 1500/3000min-1
37KW 4P 1500/3000min-1
45KW 4P 1500/3000min-1
75KW 4P 1500/2400min-1
90KW 4P 1500/2000min-1
110KW 4P 1500/2000min-1
132KW 4P 1500/2000min-1
160KW 4P 1500/2000min-1
180KW 4P 1500/2000min-1
200KW 4P 1500/2000min-1
220KW 4P 1500/2000min-1
250KW 4P 1500/2000min-1
280KW 4P 1500/2000min-1
315KW 4P 1500/2000min-1
355KW 4P 1500/2000min-1
400KW 4P 1500/2000min-1
AC VECTOR MOTOR(500/2000min-1) 0.75KW 6P 500/2000min-1
1.5KW 6P 500/2000min-1
2.2KW 6P 500/2000min-1
3.7KW 6P 500/2000min-1
5.5KW 6P 500/2000min-1
7.5KW 6P 500/2000min-1
11KW 6P 500/2000min-1
15KW 6P 500/2000min-1
18.5KW 6P 500/2000min-1
22KW 6P 500/2000min-1
30KW 6P 500/2000min-1
37KW 6P 500/2000min-1
45KW 6P 500/2000min-1
55KW 6P 500/2000min-1
75KW 6P 500/2000min-1
90KW 6P 500/2000min-1
110KW 6P 500/2000min-1
132KW 6P 500/2000min-1
160KW 6P 500/2000min-1
200KW 6P 500/2000min-1
220KW 6P 500/2000min-1
250KW 6P 500/2000min-1
300KW 6P 500/2000min-1
330KW 6P 500/2000min-1
AC HI SPEED MOTOR(∼20000min-1) 0.75∼330KW/∼30000min-1