In SS4000, the duty cycle is modulated such that the average voltage of the waveform corresponds to a pure sine wave. SS4000 allows bidirectional power exchange between AC mains and DC Bus. Also, it can be used as a power supply unit for a wide range of drives and inverters. Minimizing harmonics of the output by the use of automatic switching techniques, SS4000 provides a capacitive-voltage-balancing capability. It provides DC Bus pressure rising suppression and self-diagnosis functions. It is perfectly reversible, considering safety, reliability, availability, cost effectiveness and environmental friendliness.

Product Characteristics

SS4000 provides the following features: • Continuous power regeneration • Control of reactive power • AC line currents with low harmonic distortion • Control of DC Bus voltage • Chopper type voltage transformer with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control techniques

Sinusoidal PWM Signal Generation

Fully synchronous with input power voltage phase. Input motoring rate is 0.95 or higher.

Energy Saving

Regenerative energy from inverter units can be continuously returned to power supply.

Harmonics Measurement

Restricts input power supply harmonics through the sinusoidal PWM signal generation and enhanced reactor and filter.

Protection Functions

Protects units from improper wiring, overload, overvoltage and missing phase. The user can monitor the behavior of the protection function, so it is helpful in the early detection of accidents or failures.

Easy and Simple

The user can easily display and monitor input current, input power supply voltage, DC bus voltage, power, loading factor, parameter settings, error code, error history and other important information by manipulating the keypad control panel. Easy and simple operation of the keypad control panel enables speedy and effective maintenance of the system and saves you time and stress.

System Configuration

SS4000 Specifications

Voltage class AC200-230V AC400-460V
Number of paralleled uinits Single 2 units 3 units Single 2 units 3 units
Model number SS4218A SS4218A
SS4437A SS4437A
Motor Capacity(kW) 18.5 37 55 37 75 110
Power factor 0.95 or higher
Carrier frequency(kHz) 5,10(standard),15
Voltage(V) 350(standard) 700(standard)
Rated output voltage 64 128 192 64 128 192
Max. current(1min) 96 192 288 96 192 288
Protection Overcurrent,overload,overvoltage,low voltage,phase loss