A series corresponding to special specifications for the properties of various thermoelectric materials and thin films.
A higher level evaluation for various kinds of materials has been required along with the development of thermoelectric materials. This system “Seebeck Coefficient / Electric Resistance. Measuring System ZEM-5 series” is specialized in the features of various kinds of materials such as high temperature, high resistance and thin film, etc. and a performance evaluation system to correspond to various kinds of needs.


  • Evaluate the thermoelectric properties of a wide variety of materials including semiconductors, ceramics, and metals


  • A series corresponding to special specifications for the characteristics of various thermoelectric materials and thin films
  • A type C thermocouple is used for the temperature detection sensor, making this system optimal for evaluating Si-based thermoelectric materials (SiGe, MgSi, others) (model HT)
  • V/I plot that self-diagnoses the ohmic contact is standard
  • Measurement of high temperature up to 1200°C (model HT)
  • Measurement of high resistance of maximum 10 MΩ (model HR)
  • Measurement of materials formed as a film on substrates (model TF)
  • Measurement of low temperature from -150°C to 200°C (model LT)

A patent and a standard

  • Thermoelectric power JIS R 1650-1
  • Resistivity JIS R 1650-2


Features High temperature High resistance Low and middle temperature Thin film
Temperature Range 100℃~1200℃ 100℃~800℃ -150℃~200℃ 50℃~500℃
Sample Size 2 to 4 mm square or Φ2 to 4 mm x 3 to 15 mm length Deposited substrate:2 to 4 mm
width x 0.4 to 1.2 mm
thickness mm x 20 mm length
Thin film thickness: nm scale or thicker 
*An insulation layer is required between the sample film and the substrate
Thermocouple C R K R
Measurement accuracy Seebeck coefficient: ±7%
Electric resistivity: ±7% (less than 5mm long sample is not eligible.)


  • Sample measurement, control and measurement assy. 1 set
  • Data acquisition. 1 set
  • Atmosphere controller. 1 set

Utility(HT type)

Power Main body AC200V, 40A 1 location
PC AC100V, 10A 2 locations
Cooling water Water pressure 0.15 MPa Flow rate 5L/min
Atmosphere gas Low pressure He gas 0.2 MPa (Low pressure and static atmosphere)
Space requirement Approx.750mmW × 900mmD (Installed on table)

Seebeck coefficient calculation method

img_zem-501.pngSeebeck coefficient measurement shall be done by changing 3 temperature gradients and dividing dark electromotive force.

Setting and measurement screen


Temperature setting screen

V/I plot screen