Simplified system with Infrared Gold Image Furnace and a quartz chamber.
A low-cost heating system consist of an Infrared Golc Image Furnace and quartz chamber including a sample holder.


  • Quartz chamber is selectable from gas flow type or vacuum type. (Gas flow type is standard.)
  • Gas flow type and vacuum type can be integrated as option.
  • Simple input of temperature recipe into computer connected with USB
  • Display temperature data on the PC monitor during heating


  • Alloying of compound semiconductors
  • RTA of Si, compound semiconductors
  • Baking furnace for laminating materials on ceramic substrates
  • Annealing furnace for glass and ceramic substrates


Model SSA-E45 SSA-E410 SSA-P610C
Heating Method Focused light cylindrical heating Parallel light cylindrical heating
Temperature Range RT ~ 1400℃ RT ~ 1200℃
Heating zone Φ15mm×L 50mm Φ15mm×L 100mm Φ50mm×L 100mm
Soaking zone Φ10mm×L 40mm Φ10mm×L 80mm Φ40mm×L 80mm
Heating chamber Quartz chamber Φ30(for gas flow) Quartz chamber Φ98(for gas flow)
Sample holder Quartz holder with boat shape Quartz holder for 2-inch wafer
Thermocouple JIS R-type
Temperature controller TPC5000-32-1 TPC5000-62-1

※ Heating temperature changes according to the heated sample’s infrared reflectance, absorption, heat capacity, and material.