FHH6-6150FHH series are used for various purposes, such as tempering, sintering, brazing of various types of metal.







  • Adopting hot roller carry system, chamber configuration can be multiplied by combining each unitized chambers.
  • System configuration is selectable depending on process and throughput, such as preparation chamber(vacuum/atmosphere),preheating chamber(operation 500ºC),heating chamber(operation 1150ºC), cooling chamber.
  • Adopting double gate valve, each chamber is completely isolated. A vacuum/atmosphere is completely isolated.
  • Units can be added depending on process and throughput.
    Inline process is possible, as below.“Loading→Heating 1→Cooling 1→Heating 2→Cooling 2→Unloading”.
  • Adopting six sectional temperature control system heater(option), temperature uniformity can be 1150ºC±3ºC.


  • Vacuum heat treatment : Heat treatment of various metals, brazing.
  • Sintering : Magnet.