Unauthorised use of ULVAC’s Corporate Logo and Misrepresentation Relating to Websites Posing as Subsidiary of ULVAC Group Companies

  1. ULVAC Inc. has been made aware of irresponsible acts of certain parties misrepresenting its business set up and passing off as a subsidiary of ULVAC Group companies in the South-East Asia region.
  2. ULVAC Inc. hereby clarifies that the official websites for our South-East Asia Group companies are as follows,
    Singapore : www.ulvac.com.sgwww.ulvac.sg
    Thailand : www.ulvac.co.th
    Malaysia : www.ulvac.com.my
    Vietnam : ulvac.com.vn
    Indonesia : www.ulvac.co.id
  3. ULVAC’s employees do not correspond with external parties via public domain emails, like Gmail, Outlook, YahooMail, etc.
  4. ULVAC Group companies in South-East Asia region have appointed third party individuals or companies or firms as representative(s) or agents or middlemen to represent or act or negotiate or conduct on behalf any business dealings or contracts related to our products and services.
  5. Any enquiries, including appointed third parties representing ULVAC’s business interests, products and services, can be directed to our South-East Asia Group companies or ULVAC Thailand.

TEL: 02-738-8883
E-mail: sales@ulvac.co.th

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