Vacuum Dehydration Furnace System


ULVAC Vacuum Dehydration Furnace  System,This machine was designed for improve customer system by reducing a cycle time to eliminate the moisture in the compressor which we combined a vacuum process together with the heat from oven. This machine can reduce a cycle time from 8 hours (by oven only) to 30-40 minutes.
*Depends on each product and internal volume*






Item Specification
Moisture Max. 60 mg. 
Heating and vacuum time 20 ~ 40 min. (Temperature control in oven 100 ~ 200 °C
Compressor temperature in heating zone ≥ 120 °C ( Start at 25°C ~)
Compressor temperature in cooling zone ≤ 75 °C ( Start at 120°C ~ 75°C  at hang comp)
Vacuum pump Design pumping speed  ≥ 500 L/min


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