To develop and produce high quality sputtering targets, ULVAC carefully evaluates which manufacturing method to use for each material to meet the product quality goals “Low particle” “Good film uniformity” “High usage efficiency”.

Sputtering Targets for Flat Panel Display Applications

Large Sizes & Diverse Display Types In the FPD (Flat Panel Display) Market, We Constantly Work to Maintain a Stable, High-Quality Material Supply.



Sputtering Targets for Semiconductor Applications

Sputtering targets must meet ever tougher standards for high quality to produce sub-micron scale and wafer targets in ever larger sizes.



Sputtering Targets for Photovoltaic Applications

Sputtering Targets for Total Material Support of Thin Film Solar Cell Manufacturing Equipment.




ITO Targets 

ULVAC provides high quality targets contribute to high-functional films for FPDs.




IGZO Targets 

ULVAC manufactures and sells IGZO targets, which are used in IGZO TAOS (transparent amorphous oxide semiconductors in which In, Ga, Zn, and O are used). 



Evaporation Deposition Materials

Our high-purity vacuum deposition materials are being used in all fields involving thin film electronic devices. Vapor deposition materials manufactured in a clean environment and under a sophisticated quality assurance system provide our customers with complete satisfaction.