Our customer support division consists of trained engineers/technicians
capable of providing a full service for many kinds of vacuum equipments
and vacuum systems including annual overhaul, maintenance, repair and
refurbishment services.A wealth of Experience and ExpertiseOur service
ranges from preventive maintenance, overhauls, repairs, remodeling,
relocation, disposal to overall maintenance.


ULVAC offers complete installation service. 
We are able to install many kinds of
vacuum systems such as Sputtering, evaporator,
leak test systems and so on. We provide a complete
installation service, including system  control
and training course for customer’s staffs.

bobdingIn ULVAC, we provide Part Cleaning and Target Bonding services
for a wide range of vacuum equipment and systems.
ULVAC Thailand has collaboration with ULVAC Materials,Inc.
to provide sputtering targets to meet each individual customer’s
requirements.In addition, ULVAC provides surface treatment
onto the shields surface to increase product life expectancy and 
particle reduction. Sampling evaluation is also available upon request.