This system can measure Seebeck coefficient and electrical resistivity in the thickness direction and also evaluate the thermoelectric properties on anisotropic materials at the same measurement direction.


  • It is possible to evaluate the Seebeck coefficient and electrical resistivity in the thickness direction with generating temperature difference.
  • Automate the V-I plot measurement for determining the contact condition of the lead wires when setting a sample and set the optimum current.
  • It is also possible to measure the in-plane direction for a flexible sheet sample.(Optional)


  • Evaluation of the thermoelectric properties in the thickness direction of organic and inorganic thermoelectric materials
  • Evaluation of the anisotropy of flexible materials


Measurement properties Seebeck coefficient, Electric resistivity
Temperature range 200°C Max. (High temperature side on a sample)
Sample size Cross-section area: 30mm-dia. Max. Length: 0.01~20mm
Measurement atmosphere In air, inert gas

img_zem-d01-en.pngのサムネイル画像Existing measurement method

img_zem-d02-en.pngのサムネイル画像Measurement method of new product

Measurement principle

img_zem-d03-en.pngPrinciple of resistivity measurement

img_zem-d04-en.pngPrinciple of Seebeck coefficient measurement

img_zem-d05-en.pngTemperature setting for Seebeck coefficient measurement