Heating up to 1800℃ in just 1 min.  For ultra-high temperature vacuum heat treatment
MIRO series is a compact spot focused Gold Image Furnace which enables to heat up to 1800℃ with extremely high reflection efficiency in combination with single or double type chambers.


  • Compact, low-cost ultra-high temperature heating furnace
  • In combination with single type or double type chambers, it enables to heat in atmosphere such as vacuums and inert gases (MR-39H/S, MR-39H/D combination)
  • It is available to observe the samples during heating.
  • It enables to heat up to 1800℃ at 100V and 2kW (MR-39H/D model)
  • It is available to easily input outer signal or temperature program setting from your PC and display the temperature data during heating on the monitor.


  • Ultra-high temperature vacuum heating treatment
  • Crystal growth testing (Zone melting)
  • Ultra-high temperature heating test for a small sample
  • Local heating thermal shock test
  • Thermal cycle testing
  • Thermal analysis
  • For a generating gas pyrolyzer
  • Experimental furnace under microgravity


Model MR39H MR-55W MR-39H/S MR-39H/D MR-59H/S
Focus length 39 mm 55 mm 39 mm 39 mm 59 mm
Heating Zone Φ8 mm Φ15 mm
Cooling Furnace Water cooling
Cooling Lamp Air cooling Air cooling

* Please use MR-H5500 designed for MIRO series as the program temperature controller.