Liquid Nitrogen Generator is pretty good device and weapon to supply LN2 by connecting with
Cryo preserving 
tool to preserve Samples like Cellular structure.Also, this make it possible to supply
LN2 without power supply 
when disaster by putting Backup power supply.

Liquid Nitrogen Generator make it possible to generate LN2 by giving electricity,
cooling water in connection with GN2.
The generated LN2 could be stored in the builtin tank,
and could be taken to use anytime.

How to Supply Nitrogen Gas
EMP needs nitrogen gas supply. Choices can be made from
1. Supply nitrogen gas
2. Supply air
3. Use nitrogen gas generator.
(Optional automatic supply of nitrogen gas is also available.)

Methods to Supply Nitrogen Gas

Recommended Method Space Initial Running cost Maintenance
1 Supply Nitrogen Gas Not needed Not needed Cost of Nitrogen Gas Not needed
2 Supply Air 150×300×800mm Need Cost of Air 1 / year
3 Nitrogen Gas Generator (PSA) 380×440×850mm Need Cost of Electricity 1 / year


Applications could be seen at major college/private sector Lab. 

  • IPS Cell
  • Livestock semen sample cryopreservation for artificial insemination
  • Tumor structure cell
  • Cultured Cell line
  • Sperm frozen embryo(egg)
  • Lymphocyte
  • Blood platelete thrombocyte
  • Bone marrow
  • White Blood cella
  • Animal Internal Organs viscera
  • Animal nerve cell
  • Bacterium
  • Virus
  • Plant seed


Products Model

Model EMP-07A EMP-07W EMP-14A EMP-14W EMP-20W
LN2 Production 
8L/day (60Hz)  
6L/day (50Hz) 
14L/day (60Hz)  
14L/day (50Hz)
20L/day (60Hz) 
19L/day (50Hz) 
LN2 Storage
40L  80L
Dimensions (W×D×H) mm 600×750×1628 600×750×1688 930×740×1661 
Weight  (Approx.) 220 Kg  230 Kg  235 Kg   230 Kg  340 Kg
Power Supply 
(50 / 60 Hz)
100V AC 1 phase
Approx. 1.2 / 1.4kw 
Breaking capacity 20A
200V AC 3 phase
Approx.1.7/2.0 kw
Breaking capacity 20A
200V AC 3 phase
Approx. 1.6/1.9kw 
Breaking capacity 20A 
200V AC 3 phase
Approx. 3.3/4.1kw 
Breaking capacity 30A 
Cooling Water Not needed 
(Air cooled) 
Flow rate:2-5L/min
Water quality: 
Tap water equivalent
Not needed 
(Air cooled) 
Entrance:5-35 ℃
Flow rate:2-5L/min
Water quality: 
Tap water equivalent
Entrance:10 – 30℃
Flow rate:3-6L/min
Pressure:< 0.8MPa
Water quality: 
Tap water equivalent 


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