RC Series Charging Machine is a perfect solution for high accuracy and fast speed charging,integrating
multiple advantages and advance technology, your wisedom chioce for qualitity production.


Be suitable for regular non – flammable, non – explosive
refrigerant, such as R22,R410a on – line quantitative charging;

● Pressure rise station: includes pressure rise unit, pressure stabilize
unit and control unit.
● Charging Machine: includes evacuation unit, metering unit,
charging gun and control system.



●  Wide suitability.be able to chargeR22,R134a,R407c,R410a etc.
●  Flexible operating mode combination,available to charge one refrigerant,or charge two refrigerants
at the same time.
●  Stable operating performance. Mass flow meter,booster pump etc.main components are manufactured
by world leading supplier,ensuring charging accuracy and speed.
●  Ergonomic and human factors are taken into design concept,adopt PLC+LED touch screen control,
human-to-machine interaction is easy and quick,strong function expansion.It has communication
connection port,can be connected with barcode scanner,label printer,IPC etc.
●  In-Industry advanced refrigerant consumption control technology,optimizing inner space of
charging gun.While charging at high speed,refrigerant residual in the charging gun is effectively lowered;
●  Continuous exploration and breakthrough,leading revolutionary innovationof control technology in industry.
♦ Precision control intelligent calibration technology.
♦ On-line charging amount monitoring alarm technology.
♦ Special condensing water control technology of charging nozzle effectively preventing water content from
exceeding standard during charging.

▌Technical Parameters

Model Series Series
(Single Pump)
(Double Pump)
Type One refrigerant Alternative charging
by two charging guns
Simutaneous charging
by two charging guns
Refrigerant Liquid R22,R134a,R407c,R410A,etc.non-flammable refrigerant
Metering System Mass flow meter
Charging Speed 20g/s ∽ 260g/s
Accuracy Charging amount: 50∽600g ,±3g
Charging amount:600∽1000g ,±5g
Charging amount: over 100g ,±0.5%
Pumping Speed 8L/s (can charge based on demands)
System Vacuum ≦10Pa
Charging gun one two
Gun Lenght 3m – 20m
Quick Coupler 1/4″,3/8″,can specially customerized
Control System PLC+Touch screen
Function Expansion Barcode scan, label printing,IPC etc.
Language Chinese/English/Japanese and others.
Power Max. 4KVA
Voltage 380V/50Hz
Compressed Air 0.5-07 Mpa


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