FRC Series Charging Machine has excellent explosion proof safety protection, providing
high accuracy & high speed solution. Multiple advantage and leading technology,
your necessary choice for quantitative production.






Applicable for on-line quantitative charging of flammable & explosive refrigerant.
Such as, R290, R32, R600a etc.


● Explosion proof pressure rise station: includes pressure rise unit, stabilization
unit and control system.

● Explosion proof charging machine: includes evacuation unit, metering unit,
charging machine  and control system.

● Safety system: includes flammable gas concentration monitoring system,
blower control unit, positive pressure control system.


  • Strictly  design   and  manufacture the  machine  according  to  China’s  Light  &  Chemical Industry Standard
    QB/T  2912-2007 ” Safety  Technical Requirements for Using Isobutane. As Refrigerant in Household & Similar
    Refrigerating Appliances Industry “.
  • Rigorous scientific demonstration, the  Explosion Proof Charging Machine has obtained”Explosion Proof
    Certificate” issued by China’s national authorised testing agency.
  • Universal adaptability, be able to charge R290, R32,R600a etc. flammable & explosive refrigerants.
  • Flexible operating mode combination, possible to charge one refrigerant or charge two
    refrigerant simultaneously.
  • Stable operation performance, mass flow meter, pump etc. Main components adopt world leading supplier,
    ensuring charging accuracy and speed.
  • Ergonomics human factor is taken into design concept, employ PLC+LED touch screen control,
    human-to-machine interaction is convenient,strong function expansion, communication connection
    port can be connected with barcode scanner, IPC etc.
  • Persistent exploration & breakthrough, leading revolutionary transform of industry inside control technology.
    ♦ Accuracy control intelligent calibration technology.
    ♦ On-line charging amount monitoring alarm technology.
    ♦ Failure intelligent diagnosis technology.
    ♦ Charging gun refrigerant consumption control technology.

Technical Parameters