OC Series refrigeration oil charging Machine is the perfect solution of high accuracy & high charging speed.


  • Wide suitability for different A/C compressor refrigeration oil charging.
  • Flexible operating mode combination: moisture purification function, moisture purification+refrigeration oil charging function, refrigeration charging function.
  • Stable performance, mass flow meter,pump etc. main components adopt world leading supplier,ensuring charging accuracy and speed.
  • Ergonomics human factor is taken into design concept, employ PLC+LED touch screen control, human-to-machine interaction is convenient, strong function expansion, communication connection port can be connected with bar code scanner, IPC etc.
  • On-line moisture detection, high utilization


Refrigeration oil on-line quantitative charging for A/C compressor.


  • Oil Feeding System: includes pumps and filtration system.
  • Purification System: includes purification tank, oil level detection system, heating system,evacuation system and moisture detection system.
  • Charging System: includes metering system and charging gun


Oil Tank Capacity 200L (customizable)
Oil Tank Pumping Speed 300L/min
Oil Processing efficiency ≥100L/hr
Filtration accuracy 5um
Oil heating degree 55±5℃
Moisture content <20ppm(settable)
Charging speed ≥3L/min
Charging pressure 1.0-2.0MPa
Charging accuracy <±1%
Amount of single charging Customization
Length of charging gun’s connecting hose Customization
Compressed air 0.4-0.6MPa
Power supply 380V, 50HZ, 15KVA(power subjects to actual design)
Function extension Bar code scan, IPC, label printer
Floor space Subject to actual design