Auto Leak Test System


ULVAC has leak detectors available not only for leak tests for vacuum systems but also for other applications ranging from packing package leak detection to the special detection of gas leaks.

 ▌Automotive Industry Appliance

Wheel HubAutomotive A/C CompressorAutomotive Expansion ValveAutomotive A/C Two PartAutomotive Oil CoolerA/C Refrigerant Storage TankAutomotive Water TankVehicle Fuel Distribution PipeAutomotive Gas Tank
▌Residential Refrigeration Industry Application

A/C Evaporator & CondensorA/C Cut-off ValveA/C 4 - Port ValveA/C Heat Expansion ValveA/C CompressorA/C Storage Tank
▌Commercial Refrigeration Industry Application

Commercial A/C Heat ExchangeCommercial A/C Whole Unit
▌Other Industry Application

A/C Evaporator & Condensor
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