Recently the move to improve work environments is creating a large demand for quieter vacuum pumps. Developed to meet this demand, the VD series are oil rotary vacuum pumps with low-noise direct-coupled motors. Designed for easy maintenance, the VD series makes daily maintenance and inspection extremely simple. Series models can be used in a wide range of applications on sites ranging from research labs (where silence is indispensable) to production lines.


  • Optimized design achieved quiet-running
  • Easy maintenance:
  • Forced oil circulation system ensures stable pumping speed below atmospheric pressure.
  • Totally enclosed fan cooled 3 phase AC motor:
    Multiple voltage motor is equipped on the VD151 and VD201. Either 200V class or multiple voltage type is selectable for the VD301 to VD901.
  • All model are complied with high efficiency regulation (GB3/IE2/EPAct).


  • Evaporation, sputtering, ion plating
  • Analysis devices, leak test equipment
  • Gas substitution/supply, vacuum insulation
  • Vacuum drying, freeze-drying, vacuum degassing, vacuum packing, vacuum chuck, vacuum molding, etc.