ULVAC has drawn on a wealth of experience in evacuation technology to redesign the oil diffusion pumps meeting the demands of a new era. The ULVAC diffusion pumps have been designed for outstanding performance and extremely low running costs.

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ULVAC’s diffusion pumps ULK Series have been developed not only for superior performance, but also for extremely low operating cost.

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 Close attention to material selection and manufacturing techniques ensure reliable operation and a very low cost of ownership for the PFL Series.

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ULVAC’s oil diffusion ejector pumps are generally used in industrial processes to provide high pumping speed. They are particularly well-suited for use in metallurgy, plastic coating and chemical manufacturing, where large quantities of gas have to be pumped away as quickly as possible. With no moving parts, these pumps are rugged and extremely reliable. They are very much like standard oil diffusion pumps, but are optimized to work at higher inlet pressures.[/su_spoiler]