Compact and light weight with direct drive. Low vibration and noise with precise manufacturing technology.
Few contamination in the discharge system due to oil free pumping room.


  • It is a small type of a root type vacuum pump. It is a pressure range where the pumping speed of a backing pump decreases, and the steep rise of pumping speed.
  • Can run it with the rotating speed that is the optimum which accepted load of a pump by using DC brushless motor, and can pump it from atmospheric pressure.
  • No oil leakage by adoption of magnet coupling.
  • Mechanical loss is fallen sharply, because the seal inside a pump adopts a non-contact seal. (Power consumption reduces by about 60% compared with the old model.)
  • Setting of a driver circuit is necessary in 100V system and 200V system.


  • Ideal main pump to support pumping speed of backing pump.