DIS/DISL scroll vacuum pump is a double wrap type which consists of 1 orbiting and 2 fixed scrolls. Operation from atmospheric pressure is possible. High ultimate pressure level is attainable. Low vibration and noise. Maintenance cycle can be controlled by hour meter.



  • Compact size with large displacement.
  • The highest level of ultimate pressure for dry vacuum pumps.
  • Safety design with built-in automatic reset type thermal protector.
  • Suppresses moisture condensation by air flush.




  • Analytical equipment.
  • Gas recovery system.
  • Coating equipment.
  • Back pump for TMP.
  • Helium leak detector.
  • Manufacturing process for semiconductor.


Unit 50Hz 60Hz
Actual pumping speed※1
L/min 90 108
Ultimate pressure
Pa (kPa) 5.0
Single phase, 100/115/200/230V, 150W, 4P Capacitor start/run
Full load current
A 2.6/1.3/1.6
kg 14.0
Inlet flange
Outlet pipe diameter
Ambient temperature
Water vapor handing
g/day ≦5 以下 (AFopen※3, Room temperature 25℃, Humidity 60% or less)
Noise level
dB ≦52 (AFopen※3, ≦57)
External dimensions
mm 214(W)×308(L)×225(H)
※1:Actual pumping speed is about 1.2 times the Actual pumping speed when a gas at atmospheric pressure is sucked.
※2:Power supply plug and Power supply code are not included.
※3:AF=Air flush 
The air flush operation not only discharges the water remaining in the pump, but also has the effect of recovering the Ultimate pressure.

Corresponding certificate/Voltage

Model Applicable standard CEDeclartion of confirmity
100V series

200V series

200V series

400V series
(Can be switched by changing the terminal plate)
●:Standard、○:Option、-:Not Applicable
※cTUV certification: This is a high quality product that complies with Canadian standards, as assessed by an international third party that conducts product safety testing and certification.


If the pump evacuates the powder or the product, it might be damaged.
Please use the inlet filter etc.
Do not evacuate gas which is hazardous to humans or explosive, flammable, or corrosive. If done, it can cause failure by gas, explosion or ignite.

Dimension drawing


Pumping Speed Curves