Diaphragm Type Small Dry Vacuum Pump DAU/DTU/MD Series

This is a vacuum pump that evacuates by the reciprocating motion of a rubber thin film (diaphragm). Simple structure and easy handling. 


  • Dry vacuum pump using no oil in the gas contact area.

  • High vacuum type of dry vacuum pump with improved ultimate pressure performance.

  • Usable for Sub pump of turbo molecular pump.

  • Safety design with built-in automatic reset type thermal protector.

  • Operation is possible from atmospheric pressure.

  • Simple structure and easy maintenance.


  • Backing pump for TMP.

  • Analytical equipment.

  • Biochemical analysis.

  • Gas charging.

  • Vacuum drying systems.

  • Evaporators etc.


Model DAU-20DDTU-20D
 Unit50 Hz60 Hz50 Hz60 Hz
Actual Pumping SpeedL/min20232023
Ultimate PressurePa200200
Motor Single phase,220V,80W,4P,Capacitor run
Full load currentA0.70.720.70.72
Inlet,Outlet pipe diametermmO.D. dia10 x I.D. dia.6 (Rc 1/8)
Ambient Temperature°C5-40
Overall diemensionsmm161 (W) x 327(L) x 217(H)

Pumping Speed Curve

Dimension / Drawing