Dry vacuum pump

Dry Vacuum Pump

ULVAC offers the superior dry pump series for all semiconductor and FPD manufacturing processes. The LR/HR/UR series have high durability in the hard processes of CVD, etching etc.

Dry Vacuum Pump LS Series

LS120High pumping speed and Low power consumption. Model is selectable with the optimum pumping speed according to the application

Dry Vacuum Pump LR/HR/UR Series

ULVAC's unique approach to utilize the generated heat from within the dry pump body allows the LR/HR/UR series to perform even in the most stringent processes. ULVAC has focused the design efforts into maintaining an extremely uniform high temperature throughout all pump stages making this series pump optimal for CVD and etch applications. ULVAC's ECO-SHOCK can be added to the LR pump for additional energy savings of up to 70% for any light processes including pumping air or nitrogen.

Dry Vacuum Pump CR Series

Dry Vacuum Pump CR series Ver.B is an air-cooled roots type dry vacuum pump. IT complies with international standard(CE,cTUVus).Stable operation and extended lifetime are possible  because there is no oil inside of the pump head and no contact between rotor and cylinder.

Dry Vacuum Pump GR Series

Based on many years of experience with the LR/HR Series ULVAC has introduced the GR Series Dry Vacuum pump with a simple and clean design for general industrial applications.

Dry Vacuum Roots Pump ECO-SHOCK Series

ECO-SHOCK is a revolutionary dry pump accessory that can dramatically reduce power consumption by attaching to the dry pump exhaust line. ECO-SHOCK is available for dry pump models that mainly pump inert gas. Primarily used at Semiconductor and Flat Panel Display manufacturing facilities.

Small Vacuum Pump Diaphragm Type DA Series

dry vacuum pumpDiaphragm type pump creates vacuum by reciprocate movement of rubber diaphragms. Pump structure makes Oil-free environment and maintenance easy.Various pumping speed and two/single stages are selectable depends on your required pressure and pumping volume.

Small Vacuum Pump High Vacuum Type DAU/DTU Series

Diaphragm type pump creates vacuum by reciprocate movement of rubber diaphragms. Pump structure makes Oil-free environment and maintenance easy. DAU/DTU series is a high vacuum type diaphragm pump from
our product ranges and offers Pumping speed at 20L/min at 50Hz and 23L/min at 60Hz.

Small Vacuum Pump High Vacuum Type DTC Series

The DTC pump is the ultimate small pumping solution for corrosive gases. All contacted components are made of corrosion resistant PTFE or FPM so that your pump won't break down due to the caustic nature of your working gas.
DTC pumps come in a small, clean form-factor ideal for use in the laboratory environment.

Small Vacuum Pump Rocking Piston Type DOP Series

Rocking type piston vacuum pump creates vacuum by reciprocal-motion of cup packing inside the cylinder.
Pressurised type is available for DOP-80S which can be used as a small compressor.

Small Vacuum Pump Scroll Type DIS/DISL Series

DIS/DISL scroll vacuum pump is a double wrap type which consists of 1 orbiting and 2 fixed scrolls. Operation from atmospheric pressure is possible. High ultimate pressure level is attainable. Low vibration and noise. Maintenance cycle can be controlled by hour meter.