The sensor unit SP1 is an integrated pirani gauge consisting of the WP series sensor head and circuits, for the range of 3000 to 0.4Pa (22 to 3 x 10-3 torr/ 3 to 4 x 10-3mbar).


  • Transducer spec
    If you don’t need a pressure display device:
    ・You can lower the costs associated with a vacuum gauge
    ・You can save space by minimizing the control panel
  • Replacing sensort heads is greatly simplyfied
  • Corrosion-resistant platinum is used for the filament material
  • You can use current sensor heads without modification. (SP1: WP-01, 02, 03, 16)
  • Able to output 2 set points
  • SP1: Pressure reading is a 0 to 5V output (non-linear)
  • Able to operate at 24VDC power input


  • Process control in the low vacuum range of vacuum equipment such as for semiconductor, optics and electronic parts manufacturing.
  • Process control in the low vacuum range for industrial equipment such as vacuum furnaces, etc.
  • Process control in the low pressure range for vacuum systems with multiple process chambers such as in-line sputtering and single wafer processing equipment.


Type Sensor unit
Model SP1
Compatible sensor head WP-01, WP-02, WP-03, WP-16


±15 %(51 Pa ~760 Pa)
±30 %(10 Pa ~1000 Pa)
±50 %(0.4 Pa ~3000 Pa)
Operating temperature range 10 ~ 40℃
Measurement value output Nonlinear output: 0 to 5VDC (Max. 10V)
Setpoint 1/2 Pressure setting adjustment monitor Nonlinear output: 0 to 5VDC (Max. 10V)
Control output signal Open collector output, Negative logic
ERROR signal
Setpoint 1/2
LED display Power, error, set point 1, set point 2
Power supply voltage DC24V±2V, 90mA(Max.)
Input/Output connector D-sub-15P(M2.6 screw)
Weight 190g /0.41lb (Excluding sensor head)
Standard accessories Input/Output connector 1pc
Quick manual 1pc

IO and analog GND are not isolated from the power GND.