Portable Aspirator MDA Series

A portable aspirator with a built-in diaphragm dry vacuum pump. The Most suitable for decompression of rotary evaporator, centrifugal evaporator, vacuum filtration, etc. Outline A portable aspirator with a built-in […]

Dry Scroll vacuum pump DIS/DISL Series

Scroll Type Dry Vacuum Pump DIS/DISL scroll vacuum pump is a double wrap type which consists of 1 orbiting and 2 fixed scrolls. Operation from atmospheric pressure is possible. High […]

Small Vacuum Pump Rocking Piston Type DOP Series

Rocking type piston vacuum pump creates vacuum by reciprocal-motion of cup packing inside the cylinder. Pressurised type is available for DOP-80S which can be used as a small compressor. [siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Headline_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] […]

LS Series

Dry Vacuum Pump LS Series High pumping speed and Low power consumption. Model is selectable with the optimum pumping speed according to the application Features High pumping speed” – High […]

LR/HR/UR Series

Dry vacuum pump ULVAC’s unique approach to utilize the generated heat from within the dry pump body allows the LR/HR/UR series to perform even in the most stringent processes. ULVAC has focused the […]