Technical Journal : Industrial Furnaces for Magnets for Vehicle Motors

Industrial Furnaces for Magnets for Vehicle Motors Magnets are produced by means of many processes, such as the alloy production process, hydrogen embrittlement process, sintering process, and grain boundary diffusion process. To produce the highperformance magnets required for use in vehicle motors, ULVAC provides an appropriate furnace for each process. The “Magcaster-600” is a melting […]

CSR 2017 @ Anubanwiharndaeng School

     It is the first time that CSR activities for society was undertaken by ULVAC (THAILAND) LTD. held in 2017.    By having this, our company has seen the importance of education and sport; thereby, scholarships and sport facilities are distributed to the students with good grades but have difficulties on their family issue.  […]


             During 23rd -24th May 2560, Ulvac (Thailand), Ltd has participated in the PPC & PETROMAT Symposium 2017 at Pathumwan Princess HotelHeld by the Petroleum and Petrochemical College, Chulalongkorn University    This event is supported by various companies and organizations which ULVAC has attended.In order to exchange ideas with other experts […]

Fire Training 2016

ULVAC Fire Training   On 14th November 2016, Fire Fighting Drill is held at Ulvac (Thailand) Ltd.which is divided into 2 sessions. Theory was taught in the first morning session, and then the role play and a fire fighting practice were undertaken outside Ulvac Company.       Both of the sessions were conducted by a professional team who are well-trained […]

CIVAR’16 Exhibition in Cambodia

On 8th -10th September, 2016, our company Ulvac Thailand participated as an exhibitor in the CIVAR’16 exhibition. This event is regarded as the biggest Cooling Machine event in Cambodia. It is the first time that UTH (Ulvac Thailand) has attended such special exhibition with the purpose of expanding the AEC (Asian Economics Community) market with […]

Thank you for visit our booth in Manufacturing expo 2016

Thank all the visitors, customers, dealers and agents for visiting our booth at this year’s Thailand Manufacturing Expo 2016. We hope you thoroughly enjoyed your visit and our activities. The exhibition was a great success  and gave us the opportunity to showcase all our products and new technology,, which generated a great interest. Please, do […]