ULVAC’s VFR series Large Pendulum Valve (gate valve) offers a compact design with unique technology. Applications include OLED, PV,Glass, FPD, and other manufacturing systems.


  • Due to ULVAC’s unique differential pressure mechanism the ULVAC VFR pendulum valve minimizes particles, valve wear, and vibration during normal operating conditions.
  • The valve casing is easily removed without removing the valve from vacuum system or pump. After removing the valve casing, the valve plate can be removed only picking a bolt, and the the valve is readily maintained.
  • The ULVAC VFR series valves can be installed anywhere in vacuum system. Free rotation and installment angle is flexible (360-degrees).


  • Large display manufacturing systems
  • OLED manufacturing systems
  • Other vacuum systems as main valve and gate valve


Model VFR-400 VFR-500
Common port diameter Φ400mm Φ500mm
Flange specification
(JIS B2290 equivalency)
VF400 VF500
Open/close specification 2 positions
Open/close operation principle Pneumatic
Open/close time 8sec 12sec
Valve plate seal Reverse pressure capable
Open conductance 50000L/s 90000L/s
Pressure range 1.0×10-5Pa~0.12MPa(abs)
Allowable baking temperature
(at stopped)
Valve body : < 120℃
Cylinder : < 80℃
Valve body : < 248F
Cylinder : < 176F
Allowable ambient temperature 10 to 80℃
50 to 176F
Allowable Gass temperature 10 to 80℃
50 to 176F
Compressed air pressure 0.50 to 0.70MPaG
72.5 to 101.5psi
5.0 to 7.0bar
Compressed air supply port Φ8 tube connection
Maintenance cycle 100,000
Mouting angle Free
Main parts material Valve body : AC4CH-T6
Seal plate : AC4CH-T6
Seal material Vacuum side:FPM
Oil Z300
Weight 98kg 155kg
Flange to flange dimension 150mm 170mm