Vacuum Angle Valve VLP Series

ULVAC’s vacuum valves were developed based on a wealth of technology and experience in the vacuum field.
We offer a variety of products that meet a wide range of needs from atmospheric pressure to ultra-high vacuum.

Operation Methods and Working Pressure


VLP Vacuum angle valve(Double-acting)

VLP-SA Vacuum angle valve(Double-acting/Stainless Steel/O-ring shaft feedthrough)
VLP-SB Vacuum angle valve(Double-acting/Stainless Steel/bellows feedthrough)
VLP-MB Vacuum angle valve(Double-acting/Stainless Steel/UHV)
VLP-U Vacuum angle valve(Double-acting/Steal/O-ring shaft feedthrough)

VLB Vacuum angle valve(Single-acting)

VLB-SA Vacuum angle valve(Single-acting/Stainless Steel/O-ring shaft feedthrough)
VLB-SB Vacuum angle valve(Single-acting/Stainless Steel/bellows feedthrough)
VLH Vacuum angle valve(Manual)VLH-SB Vacuum angle valve(Manual/Stainless Steel/bellows feedthrough)
VLH-MB Vacuum angle valve(Manual/Stainless Steel/UHV)
SeriesVacuum level *1Pressure range abs
[Pa] (torr)
TypeActuationBody materialBakeout temperature
[℃] *2
Allowable pressure difference
VLP-SAVAtm. ~ [1.0E-5] <1.0E-7> (7.5E-8)AngleDouble-actingSUS3041500.1
VLP-SBHVAtm. ~ [1.0E-6] <1.0E-8> (7.5E-9)
VLP-MBUHVAtm. ~[1.0E-8] <1.0E-10> (7.5E-11)150(200)
VLP-UVAtm. ~[1.0E-5] <1.0E-7> (7.5E-8)SS400+
Ni plating
VLB-SASingle-acting NC *3SUS3041500.1
VLB-SBHVAtm. ~[1.0E-6] <1.0E-8> (7.5E-9)
VLH-MBUHVAtm. ~[1.0E-8] <1.0E-10> (7.5E-11)150(200)

*1 Refer to “Feedthrough” about relationship between vacuum level and feedthrough.
*2 Actuator < 60°C<140F>.
*3 NC = Normally closed (Valve automatically closes when compressed air released).


Maximum allowable differential pressure on valve plate
(Positive pressure/counter pressure) MPa