Turbo Molecular Pump UTM-B Series

The compound turbo molecular pump with the ceramic ball bearings, and has excellent compression ratio. Compact design by integrated controller design. Excellent high back pressure performance allows to use smaller backing pump.


  • Free mounting

    No limitation in the mounting direction The degree of freedom in system design is high because of free mounting direction.

  • On-board controller

    Integrated controller is capable to reduce wire work and downsize pumping system.

  • High compression ratio and high back pressure

    High compression ratio made it possible to run the pump at high back pressure and downsize its backing pump.

  • Three kinds of flange

    Inlet port flange is selectable from ISO-K, ICF, and VG.

  • High durability and safety Clean vacuum environment

    Less back flow of hydrocarbon gases while both the pump is running and stopping.

  • Low noise

    Noise level at the no load is 48dB or less(with ISO63-K flange)


  • Main pumping system for analytical equipments, R&D systems, experimental devices, et

  • Main pumping system for evaporators and sputtering systems, etc.

  • Main pumping system to evacuate low molecule gases such as H2, He


Model UTM70B UTM300B
Pump Cooing method Natural air
Forced air
Natural air
Forced air
Flange size Inlet
VG65, ICF114, ISO063-K VG100, ICF152, ISO100-K
Outlet KF16 KF16
Pumping speed
(without a
protective net)
N2 70 L/s 280 L/s
He 60 L/s 270 L/s
H2 49 L/s 220 L/s
After baking – *3 10-8Pa – *3 10-8Pa
Before baking 10-6Pa 10-6Pa 10-6Pa
Max. compression rate N2 :
>1×109, He : 4×107, H2 : 4×105
N2 :
>1×109, He : 7×106, H2 : 1×105
Max. pressure
at inlet
*4, *5, *6
N2 0.43Pa 1.1Pa 0.06Pa 0.7Pa
Max. pressure
at outlet
*4, *5, *7
N2 300Pa 900Pa 100Pa 1000Pa
flow *8
gas purge
N2 15sccm *9 40sccm *9 10sccm *10 100sccm *10
gas purge
Ar 10sccm *9 30sccm *10
gas purge
15sccm *9 40sccm *10
Recommend backing pump
(when evacuating 10SCCM)
>60L/min >120L/min
Weight VG:3.3kg, ISF:3.0kg, ISO:5.0kg 6.0kg / 9.0kg 6.3kg / 9.3kg
Rotation speed 87000rpm 60000rpm
Start-up time(Up to 80%)
(DC24V. Back pressure:5Pa or less)
1.7 min 3.5 min
Surface treatment *12 None
Mounting direction Free direction
Noise *13 <48dB(A) <50dB(A)
Controller Input power source DC24V ±5%, 120W DC24V ±5%, 180W
Contact input and
output signal
REMOTE(D-sub 15 pin male)
Digital input:4 points.Output:4 points.Analog output:1 point.
Serial communication RS-485(D-sub 15 pin male, shared with REMOTE)
Variable rotational frequency/ speed Change of operation rotation speed number
is possible between 25% and 100% from
the pump spec by 0.1% step.
Abnormal operation
Detecting alarm and warning.
Protection circuit Indicating alarm and warning.
Standard accessories Instruction Manual(CD-R), Protective net(Only VG and ICF,
ISO flange protective net is built in the gasket.),
Gasket(inlet flange), Dust cap(for inlet, outlet and connector)
Applicable standard CE, TUVus
*1 Please choose inlet flange when ordering.
*2 Calculated by using 2 stage vacuum pump as a back pump.
*3 Baking is available only for forced air cooling type with ICF flange.
*4 Value at the time of the ambient air temperature is
25℃. If ambient air temperature changes, an acceptable value will change.
*5 Maximum outlet pressure and maximum inlet pressure can not be satisfied at the same time.
*6 Maximum inlet port pressure which can accept continuous running.
*7 Maximum pressure at exhaust port which can accept continuous running when gas flow coming from inlet port is 0 sccm.
*8 Value when ambient temperature is 5~25℃. In addition, N2 should be used for gas purge and its flow rate should be 25 sccm.
*9  The value measured by using 60L/min vacuum pump as back pump.
*10  The value measured by using 120L/min vacuum pump as back pump.
*11 Select appropriate backing pump not to maintain exhaust port pressure less than maximum exhaust port pressure when gas flow increases.
*12  Do not flow reactive gas, corrosive gas, and gas includes Gallium. Please contact us when using other gases.
*13  This value is measured by ULVAC standard for ISO flange type.

Dimension drawing