Turbo Molecular Pump

A complete line of turbo molecular pumps are available from ULVAC. ULVAC’s turbo molecular pump meets a broad range of vacuum applications. From simple vacuum generation for analytical instrumentation, to the demanding pumping requirements encountered in corrosive processes for the semiconductor industry.

UTM-MI Series

UTMーB Series

Controller integrated turbo molecular pump with magnetic bearings saves wiring work and installation space.

The compound turbo molecular pump with the ceramic ball bearings,and has excellent compression ratio. Compact design by integrated controller design. Excellent high back pressure performance allows to use smaller backing pump.

YTP Series

Desktop YTP

YTP Series version B is a high vacuum pumping system with a ceramic ball bearing turbo molecular pump.Vacuum pumping from atmospheric pressure to high vacuum is possible. ULVAC prepares two types, SA type which allows the automatic pumping by START / STOP switch and M type which is a manual operation

Desktop high vacuum pumping station featuring a low noise, low vibration design and ceramic ball bearing turbo molecular pump.
Simple, easy to read touch screen control for user-friendly operation.