Recently the move to improve work environments is creating a large demand for quieter vacuum pumps. Developed to meet this demand, the VD series are oil rotary vacuum pumps with low-noise direct-coupled motors. Designed for easy maintenance, the VD series makes daily maintenance and inspection extremely simple.Series models can be used in a wide range of applications
on sites ranging from research labs (where silence is indispensable)to production lines.

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  • Optimized design achieved quiet-running
  • Easy maintenance
  • Forced oil circulation system ensures stable pumping speed
    below atmospheric pressure
  • Totally enclosed fan cooled 3 phase AC motor:
    Multiple voltage motor is equipped on the VD151 and VD201.
    Either 200V class or multiple voltage type is selectable for the VD301 to VD901. 
    All model are complied with high efficiency regulation (GB3/IE2/EPAct)

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  • Evaporation, sputtering, ion plating
  • Analysis devices, leak test equipment
  • Gas substitution/supply, vacuum insulation
  • Vacuum drying, freeze-drying, vacuum degassing, vacuum packing,
    vacuum chuck, vacuum molding, etc.

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Model VD151 VD201 VD301 VD401 VD601 VD901
Designed pumping speed 50Hz m3/h (L/min) 14.4 (240) 20.2 (336) 30 (500) 40 (670) 60 (1000) 90 (1500)
60Hz m3/h (L/min) 17.3 (288) 24.2 (403) 36 (600) 48 (800) 72 (1200) 108 (1800)
Ultimate pressure *1 Pa GP close 0.67
GP open 6.7 2.0
Motor *2 Type Totally enclosed fan cooled 3 phase AC motor
Poles 0.55(4P) 0.75(4P) 1.5(4P) 2.2(4P) 3.7(4P)
Voltage/ Freqency 【Multiple voltage】
200V to 240V / 380V to 415V (50Hz)
200V to 240V / 380V to 460V (60Hz)
【200V class】
200V / 50Hz,60Hz, 220V / 60Hz
【Multiple voltage】
220V to 240V / 380V to 415V (50Hz)
208V to 240V / 380V to 460V (60Hz)
Oil capacity L 0.7 to 1.1 1.0 to 2.5 2.5 to 4.0
Pump oil *3 ULVOIL R-7
Cooling method Air cooled
Inlet JIS B8365 KF25 equivalency VG40 equivalency / KF40 (optional) VG50 equivalency / KF50 (optional)
Outlet G1 VG40 equivalency / KF40 (optional) VG40 equivalency / KF40 (optional)
Weight Total kg 29 34 57 59 86 109
External dimensions *4 W× L× H 170× 514× 240mm 181× 536× 269mm 210× 660× 324mm 210× 680× 324mm 280× 761× 371mm 280× 831× 371mm
Standard accessories Motor (attached), oil for 1pump, operating instructions (1copy)
Certification CE CE / cTUVus
Options Oil mist trap, CE marking *5 Oil mist trap, Gas ballast valve, Oil mist trap oil return mechanism
*1 Measured with a Pirani gauge (Approx.6.7×10-2 Pa when measured with a McLeod vacuum gauge)
*2 Increased safety explosion-resistant motor and pressure proof explosion-resistant flange motor are available as option except the VD151 and VD201.
*3 Other voltage is available, upon request.
*4 Other oil types are available, upon request.
*5 TM401 and TM-2 are available oil mist trap for VD601 and VD901.Please use TM-2 if repeated intake pressure exceeds 10,000Pa.