Small Oil Rotary Vacuum Pump G Series

Low ultimate pressure. High performance type. Features gas ballast mechanism and back flow prevention mechanism.


  • The oil rotary vacuum pump which had abundant track records and realized budget prices.

  • The motor direct connection type with which a high velocity revolution

    and a small and big exhaust speed are obtained compared with a belt system.

  • Low vibration and noise.

  • A two-stage exhaust system

    is pressure (good vacuum) lower than an one-stage exhaust system.

  • The safety design by manual return type thermal protector built-in.


  • Chemical, science experiment, Analyzer and Laser system.

  • Backing pumps for the electronic microscope.

  • Semiconductor equipments, sputtering equipments, vacuum evaporation equipments.

  • Vacuum dryer, freeze dryer.


  Unit 50Hz 60Hz
Actual Pumping Speed L/Min 100 120
Ultimate Pressure *1 Pa

0.67 (G.V. closed)

6.7 (G.C. open)

Motor   Single phase,100V 400W,4poles,capacitor start & run
Full Load Current A 6.4 5.9
Oil Capacity mL 800
Recommended Oil   SMR-100
Weight kg 23
Inlet,outlet pipe diameter mm O.D. dia.27 x I.D. dia.20
Ambient temperature °C  7-40
Overall dimensions mm 234 (W) x 500.5 (L) x 264 (H)

Pumping Speed Curve