Sputter ion pumps are one type of pump used to create ultra-high vacuum, and are used in many analyzers and accelerators.
ULVAC’s acter pumps are designed for developing new elements (acter elements) with improved evacuation characteristics at ultra-high and extremely high vacuum, and to optimize magnetic fields.


  • Ultimate pressure in the 10-9 Pa order (achieved with test dome complying with ISO standards)
  • Double the pumping performance achieved by the inert gas enhanced pumping model (type AU)
    (compared with the ULVAC’s conventional pumps)
  • High pumping speed attained the ultra-high vacuum
  • Pumping down to ultra-high vacuum in a short period of time
  • Top-notch pumping characteristics in ultra and extremely-high vacuum (discharging maintained down to the ultra-high vacuum)


  • Accelerators
  • Electron microscopes
  • Analyzers


Evacuation speed to 1 x 10-7 N2: 0.03m3/s
Ar: 0.013m3/s
N2: 0.045m3/s
Ar:  0.03m3/s
N2: 0.10m3/s
 Ar: 0.08m3/s
N2: 0.11m3/s
 Ar:  – 
N2: 0.20m3/s
Ar: 0.105m3/s (AXII)
0.02m3/s (CXII)
N2: 0.36m3/s
 Ar: 0.19m3/s (AXII)
0.04m3/s (CXII)
Final pressure (Pa) 10-9 10-9 10-9 10-9 10-10 10-10
Operation pressure (Pa) *1 <8.0×10-3 <8.0×10-3 <5.0×10-3 <4.5×10-3 <3.8×10-3 <3.0×10-3
Inner Volume 6.7 X 10-4m3 1.37 X 10-3m3 3.3 X 10-3m3 6.5 X 10-3m3 11 X 10-3m3 14 X 10-3m3
Number of pump elements 1 set 
※ anticommutative
1 set 
※ anticommutative
1 set 
※ anticommutative
2 set 
2 set 
4 set 
Connection flange model UFC070 UFC114 UFC152 UFC152 UFC203 UFC203
Applied voltage DC+7.5kV DC+7.5kV DC+7.5kV DC+7.5kV DC+7.5kV DC+7.5kV
Standard bake-out temperature 250°C 250°C 250°C 250°C 250°C 250°C
Weight (kg) 9.5 12.8  37 36.5 65 124
External dimensions 
W×D×H (mm)
103×183×187 153×204×241  155×340×340  171x387x293 296x361x376 296x544x376
Recommended Controller GST-07L-B GST-07L-B GST-07L-B GST-07L-B GST-07L-B GST-07L-B

*1) During the time of use of the GST-07L-B Type Controller