Diaphragm Type Dry Vacuum Pumps (Chemical Type) DTC Series

Diaphragm Type Dry Vacuum Pumps DTC Series come in a small, clean form-factor ideal for use in the laboratory environment. Affordably priced, the DTC is the perfect solution for your lab.


  • Chemical type compatible with suction of organic solvents and corrosive gases.
  • Safety design with built-in automatic reset type thermal protector.
  • Operation is possible from atmospheric pressure.
  • Simple structure and easy maintenance.


  • Rotary evaporator.
  • Evaporating system.
  • Vacuum Concentrator.
  • Vacuum filtration.
  • Exhaust of gas-transfer tube.
  • Vacuum drying system.
  • Laser-gas circulation.
  • Centrifuge.
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical equipments.
  • Analysis/scientific equipment.


Corresponding certificate/Voltage


The pump is stopped when the lord is operated, and the pump can’t be operated just after that. 
In this case, please return the atmospheric pressure the inside of the pump.
The pump will not often operate normally if it is used with corrosive gases, organic solvents, liquids, or condensed gases (eg steam).
The pump will not often operate normally if it is used with gases containing particles or dust etc.
It is a pump only in the room. 
Please do not set it up in the place, that rain and water splash, and outdoors.

Dimension / Drawing



CAD data download(DXF)



CAD data download(DXF)

Pumping Speed Curves