GM Cryocoolers that have been incorporated into our cryopumps are now increasing the applications in other fields such as superconductivity.
As demands for 4K or pulse-tube cryocooler increase,we believe our cryocoolers,backed by our proven vacuum and cryogenic technologies,will meet the expectations in the leading-edge industries or R&D fields.




Application 0f cryogenic technology

  • Vacuum Technology : Cryopumps, Cryotraps
  • Environment: Remote sensing for environmental conservation(Ozone hole,global warming,air pollution,abnoemal weather,acid rain,etc.)
  • Medical Treatment: Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI) Thermography Mass Spectrometer)
  • Industry: MCZ(Magnetic field applied sillicon single crystral furnace device),Magnetically levitated magnet for maglev LHC(superconducting accelerator),Cooling electron microscope of semiconductor device cooling infrared detection system of sample, Transmission electricity distributor · generator SMES (energy storage device)
  • The Study: Millimeter wave measurement optical measurement NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance),ESR / ERP (electron paramagnetic resonance) X ray diffraction Hall effect,SQUID (superconducting quantum interference device) Mössbauer superconducting material,J – J device magnetic cooling surface analysis radio telescope materials research,Compact refrigerator for satellites


Model UHE05 UHE 10 UHE15 
Ultimate temperature 2nd stage 2.7K 2.7K 2.7K
Cooling capacity 1st stage 10W@40K 40W(50Hz)/50W(60Hz)@43K 35W(50Hz)/45W(60Hz)@50K
2nd stage 0.5W@4.2K 1.0W@4.2K(50Hz/60Hz) 1.5W@4.2K(50Hz/60Hz)
(DxWxH) mm
146×282×495 304×180×578 304×180×578
Compressor UW404 C30HVRT C30HVRT
Weight 11kg 17kg 18kg