Pirani Vacuum Gauge SWU-10 Series

   This is a pirani vacuum gauge which can measure degree of vacuum by connecting your smartphone directly with USB cable.
   No need for dedicated power supply and display.


  • Direct Connection with Smartphone:

    Direct connection with smartphone by using USB cable. No need for the other components. ※Connection with PC is also possible.

  • No Need for AC Power Supply:

    No need for a dedicated power supply.

  • Lightweight and Compact:

    Size: Φ46×81㎜, weight: 85g (NW16 spec). The smallest and lightest of ULVAC pirani gauge lineup.

  • Excellent Shock Resistance:

    Excellent shock resistance by ULVAC original structure (patent number 6595945) and body protection rubber.

  • Wide Range Measurement:

    Measureable pressure range: 5×10-2 to 1×10+5Pa (3.75×10-4 to 760Torr, 5×10-4 to 1,013mbar)

  • Various Fitting Lineup:

    7 kinds of fitting lineup including NW16, R1/8, etc.

  • Applicable Standard:

    Compliant with CE standard


  • Ultimate pressure check in vacuum pump maintenance.

  • Pressure check in vacuum equipment maintenance.


Measureable pressure range5.0×10-2~1.0×10+5Pa
5×10-2~1.0×10-1Pa, 1×10+4~1.0×10+5Pa:±20%
Material of filamentPt
Burst pressure*22×10+5Pa (abs)
Operating temperature range10~40℃
Operating humidity range15~85% (not condensing)
Storage temperature-20~65℃ (not condensing)
IP ratingIP30
Fixing positionFree
Power supply voltageDC+5% 350mAMAX
I/O connectorUSB microB
FittingNW16NW25R1/8Φ18 tubeΦ15 tubeICF034Sanitary
OptionUSB2.0 cable (certified product, Type-C – micro-B) 1.5m (model: U2C-CMB15NBK)*3
Inspection certificate, calibration certificate,traceability certificate, JCSS calibration certificate
Applicable StandardCE

*1:Value after atmospheric pressure adjustment and zero point adjustment.

*2:Consider separately burst pressure of flange and clamp, etc.

*3:Select Type-C – micro-B, OTG cable when using a commercial USB cable.

Available smartphone*4

Android 6 or later
Connector: USB Type-C

*4:For available models list, see ULVAC web page.

Application software「UL-MOBI」*5

For smartphoneDownload from Google Play
For PCDownload from ULVAC web page


Google play.png

*5:For further details, see explanation of app on Google Play.


Fitting type for SWU.png