Vacuum Gauge G-Tran Series

The G-Tran Series are vacuum gauges developed to meet the need for more centralized and compact systems by (1) lowering equipment costs, (2) saving space, and (3) reducing wiring. Models come in basic types: sensor units and display units. Units can be combined to adapt to the application.


  • Sensor units are the gauge head and measurement circuit integrated into a single structure.
  • Sensor units output analog signals and set points.
  • Display units output pseudo-logarithmic signals and set points independently.
  • Display units use DIN-standard sizes (48 x 96 mm)


  • Pressure measurement in roughing pumping systems
  • Pressure monitoring in various vacuum pumping systems
  • Interlocks, sequencing, and other control system related functions for practical vacuum equipments.
  • Process control of various vacuum equipment.


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