G-TRAN Series 4CH Display Unit

4 CH display unit enables you to operate 4 gauges with a display. Eight set points are available in the 4 CH display.The display unit supports 8 set point outputs and I/O control functions are standard. Covers the wide pressure range of an atmospheric pirani vacuum gauge and an ionization gauge.


◙ Maximum four sensor units/ box units can be connected (Only one ion gauge can be connected at a time)
◙ Multi 4 channel display with a single display unit
◙  Used as combination gauge:Possible to establish an interlock between the measurement of an ion gauge on CH1 and a pirani gauge on CH2|
◙  Control output signal:Maximum 8 setpoint outputs from 4 gauges can be  allocated.
◙  Either DC24V or AC100V can be used as input
◙  Serial Communication type:RS232C communication is standard
◙  Vacuum output signal:Pressure is 0 to 10V Log output / 4CH
◙  LED / LCD displays are large, bright and easily to read
ç  Compatible with DIN standards (compact  size of 96 x 96 mm)

◙ For vacuum equipment (Photovoltaic field, FPD, semiconductor and optics and electronic parts)
◙  For vacuum equipment that require many set points


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