Process Gas Monitor (CGM2-051/052 Series)

“Qulee” (pronounced as “KLEE”), is ULVAC’s latest model for residual gas analysis and gas monitoring during process. Feedback from facility engineers in various production lines are incorporated in the new product design offering utmost simplicity.
The Qulee offers high accuracy and resolution even at high pressure (1Pa or less).


  • Ideal for process monitoring of various sputtering sysytem
  • Monitoring the Air Leak
  • Management of residual moisture
  • No differential pumping system required (less than 1 Pa at 7.5 x 10-3 Torr/1 x 10-2 mbar)
  • Built-in display: PC-free
  • Qulee QCS is Included : This software is included and compatible with (Windows 8/10/11)
  • Highly sensitive leak test possible (CGM2-052).More leak testing.
  • Various leak tests available (Helium leak test, air leak test, assembly test)
  • Total pressure measurement (ionization gauge) possible
  • Includes a Quick Install Package system (QIP). Automatic measurement package (see option catalog for details)
  • Conforms with CE


  • Process monitoring for PV, FPD, and semiconductor system
  • Residual gas analysis in PVD system
  • Impurities (H2O, etc.) control in PVD system
  • For leak testing


Mass filter typeQuadrupole
Mass range1 to 50 amu1 to 100 amu
ResolutionM/ΔM=1M (10% P.H.)
Detector typeFaraday cup (FC)EM Tube (SEM) /
Faraday cup (FC)
Faraday cup (FC)EM Tube (SEM) /
Faraday cup (FC)
Sensitivity0.1uA/PaSEM: 0.1mA/Pa0.1uA/PaSEM: 0.1mA/Pa
13.3 uA/TorrSEM: 13.3 mA/Torr13.3 uA/TorrSEM: 13.3 mA/Torr
10 uA/mbarSEM: 10 mA/mbar10 uA/mbarSEM: 10 mA/mbar
Minimum detectable
partial pressure
1×10-7 PaSEM: 1×10-10 Pa1×10-7 PaSEM: 1×10-10 Pa
7.5×10-10 TorrSEM: 7.5×10-13 Torr7.5×10-10 TorrSEM: 7.5×10-13 Torr
1×10-9 mbarSEM: 1×10-12 mbar1×10-9 mbarSEM: 1×10-12 mbar
Maximum operating
FC: 2 PaFC: 2Pa,
SEM: 1×10-2Pa
FC: 2 PaFC: 2 Pa,
SEM: 1×10-2Pa
FC: 1.5×10-2 TorrFC: 1.5×10-2
SEM: 7.5×10-5 Torr
FC: 1.5×10-2 TorrFC: 1.5×10-2
SEM: 7.5×10-5 Torr
FC: 2×10-2 mbarFC: 2×10-2
SEM: 1×10-4 mbar
FC: 2×10-2 mbarFC: 2×10-2
SEM: 1×10-4 mbar
7.5×10-3 Torr
1×10-2 mbar
Total pressure functionCapable
Degas functionElectron bombard type 300V, 5mA
One Click functionCapable / He / H2O / N/ O/ Any gas
One Click leak test functionCapable
Power inputDC24V ±10% 50W
Maximum sensor
operating temperature
120℃ (248℉)
Maximum sensor
operating temperature
250℃ (482℉)
Operating temperature
10 to 40℃ (50 to 104F)
Operating humidity
15 to 80 % (not condensing)
Communication interfaceEthernet
SoftwareQulee QCS Ver. 4.2 later (Windows 8/10/11)
Applicable standardCE