DC Power Supply DC-10-D

DC-10-D and DC-20-D are DC power supplies for sputtering with 10kW and 20kW output. It consists of reliable parts and circuits. It is a highly reliable power supply that is optimal for plasma loads that reflects the know-how that has been cultivated over many years, including power supply applications, in the design.


  • Abundant high-performance option

  • Lightweight and space-saving design

  • Lineup of output voltage range 800V and 1000V

  • Output control that is familiar with plasma

  • Air cooling

  • Equipped with excellent ARC function and high-speed ARC cutoff circuit

  • Up to 12 units can be operated in parallel

  • Compliant with RoHS、CE、SEMI-F47


  • Sputtering equipment for FPD

  • Semiconductor Sputtering equipment

  • Sputtering equipment for electronic components

  • Sputtering equipment for industrial coating


InputInput voltageAC208V
Variation rangeAC187V~229V
Number of phase/
Three phase for 50/60Hz
Input connectionConnector
Input capacity13.5kVA or less25kVA or less
OutputRated power10kW20kW
Rated current25A18A50A40A
Rated voltage800V1000V800V1000V
ARC controlIf ARC is detected, the inverter is stopped and LARC separates the load side
Output connectionConnector
ControlOutput control systemConstant power control/ Constant current control / Constant voltage control
control (V control)
Control accuracy *11 to 10% of rated power : ±5% or less of set value
10-100% of rated power : The higher of ±0.5% or less of the rated output or ±1% of the set value
Guaranteed control range *2Constant power control: 10 to 100% of the rated power value(Option:1-100%)
Parallel operation *3MAX 12 unit
Control mode systemLOCAL control / USER control / SERIAL communication control (RS232C or RS485)/EtherCAT *4
CollingAir cooling
StandardRoHS、CE、SEMI F47
Working temperature 5-40℃
Usage environment Indoor use at 1,000m or less above sea level without direct sunlight and corrosive gas.
*1:Option:Guaranteed accuracy in the range 1-10% of the rating.
*2:There is an output voltage lower limit and an output current lower limit.It is also possible to guarantee from 1% by option.
*3:Combination of 800V unit and 1000V unit is not possible.
*4:EtherCAT option.

Dimension Drawing